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Where to Find Baby Shower Stationery

Everyone who has ever attended a baby shower knows that there are truly some essentials that every new mother should have. Diapers and booties for the baby, cream and lotion for changing diapers, and footie pajamas galore are always welcomed items. However, bringing a truly creative baby shower gift into the mix is a great way to show the new mother that her days of fun aren't necessarily over; they're just taking on a totally different outlook.

Baby Cakes One creative baby shower gift that is quickly taking the west coast by storm is the "baby cake" or "diaper cake". Don't be fooled, these may look like a sweet confection, but the inside of the layers aren't filled with yellow or chocolate cake. No, the inside of these bundles are filled with diapers, lotions, powders, and even cans of formulas for when breast milk isn't quite practical.

The look is fun and festive, and usually they can be personalized with either the baby's name or that of the parents. Ranging in price between $30 and $70, they can be a great way to get the new mother ready to go, for at least the first week or two! A Tool Belt For Daddy In today's world, the guests of the baby shower shouldn't assume that the father will not be up during the wee hours of the morning, changing diapers, or attempting to feed their pride and joy a meal or two along the way. The new daddy is an integral part of their baby's life. To help them navigate the pitfalls and sleepless nights that await them, a tool belt filled with the baby essentials is a great way for the dad to feel both needed and manly at the same time. A Dozen "Eggs" As any parent will tell you, the one piece of clothing that is continuously being misplaced or lost when it comes to kids are the little socks or booties that are so popular.

With each grab of the foot, and a simple throw, a sock can be lost for months at a time. So having a good supply of these little pieces of cotton with treads is a great idea. A great way to help out is to give the new parents an egg carton or two with these little socks bundled up in each little egg cup.

In addition to providing them with something they will need, the egg carton will be a cute reminder of the creative baby shower that you helped to give them.

Christopher Smith is a freelance author with experience in baby shower favors. Visit us today to learn more.

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