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So You Want to be a Movie Critic Part. I
by Tamika Johnson
Abstract: So you want to be a movie critic? Who doesn’t. It is a great job to have. I mean if you love movies, then what better way to make a living then watching them and telling people what you think about the movie you just saw. Most of us are already critics, but it is a big jump from just telling your friends what you think to making money telling the world what you think. The jump is big but not insurmountable and the first step is to know how to write a good review.

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You Don't Have To Be Famous To Pass A Movie Quiz
by Brian Fong
Abstract: A good movie quiz is challenging in the same way that a good crossword puzzle is. Opt for questions that will make people think hard, or actually have to search the Internet for the answer. For example, how many people would know the answer to this question off the top of their head?

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How To Write Great Movie Reviews For Your Entertainment Website
by Tamika Johnson
Abstract: If you have an entertainment website then you’re always looking for fresh, new, fun and interesting material to keep your readers coming back for more. Movie reviews are a great way to do that. People always want to know what someone else thinks about the movie they want to see and they will scour the web to look for these opinions. Now you could syndicate another site’s reviews, but why do that?

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