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Movie Review: The Downfall - The Final Hours of Hitler
by Nathaniel Quest

Have you watched the latest Hitler movie, "The Downfall?" It's a german film (german title is "Der Untergang") about the final hours of Adolf Hitler in the bunker as recounted by the Fuhrer's secretary. I'd say this film is a masterpiece. The best Hitler movie I've seen.

Some critics, however, say that the film humanizes Hitler too much. In the film, he is harsh to his generals, but very benevolent towards other people like his secretary, his friends, etc. It is a psychological attempt at presenting the human side of Hitler. History generally paints his image as a monster.

Well, personally, I still think that Hitler was a monster. He may be very kind to his secretary, or his cook, but murdering millions of people makes him more than a monster. In fact, after watching the film, all I could say is that Hitler was crazy. And the people around him (or should I say, sucking up to him) were all crazy.

What makes the film so interesting is that the events are historically accurate. Many scenes in the film would haunt you, specially that of Mrs. Goebbels, a Hitler fanatic, calmly killing all her young children. The scenes with Eva Braun, Hitler's girlfriend, are also quite memorable. The movie also shows why Hitler's body wasn't found up to this day.

I seldom watch war movies these days. I'm just so tired of watching another war movie. But the great thing with The Downfall is that it's not about the war. It's about the Man we all know in history as Adolf Hitler.

About the Author
Nathaniel Quest frequently writes articles on diverse topics. He is the owner and publisher of the One Minute Blog (http://opportunities.typepad.com/news). His other websites include Opportunitiesblog.com (http://www.opportunitiesblog.com).