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Sunglasses more than just a fashion

Types of Sunglasses Sunglasses come in different types, shapes, utility and quality. There are ordinary sunglasses and prescription sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses are special ones suggested by a doctor or an eye specialist.

They provide more protection and are much more convenience than spectacles with clip-on glasses and contact lenses. Sunglasses are also categorized basing on lenses and frames. Lenses and frames are frequently combined to meet the requirements of various events like driving, sports, fashion etc.

In many functions, sunglasses are rather an essential item like sports. Sport sunglasses are customized for many sport events like surfing, golf, flying, tennis, cycling, fishing, running, motor sports etc. Sports sunglasses mostly come with the variations in their lens colors, impact resistance ability (polycarbonate lenses) and glare reducing ability (polarized lenses).

Sport sunglasses can also have changeable lens systems to suit sunny, dark or low light conditions. They can have varieties based on the frame materials and frame designs that enable them to be worn in stressed conditions. Sport sunglasses may also have the features like no-slip temple grips or nose-pads to withstand the movements involved in the sports.

We may think sunglasses to be a fashion article only, but sunglasses are more than just a fashion. It may sound unusual to many of us if it is said that sunglasses are in fact an essential item that we should live with. Apparently for most of us, the sun may seem harmless as it may not create discomfort in our everyday life. But the fact is different. The sun has ultraviolet or UV rays that are harmful and damaging for your eyes.

Ultraviolet rays can cause permanent retinal damage, photokeratitis (sunburn of the cornea) or pingueculae (a type of lesion on the conjunctiva near the cornea). Sunglasses when worn, keep our eyes safe from all the mentioned eye diseases. However, sunglasses more often than not add glamour and enhance physical attractiveness of a person in his/her personal attire. Popular brand sunglasses like Rayban sunglasses, Oakley sunglasses etc.

make sunglasses that suit needs of all. They range from kid's sunglasses to women's sunglasses or from driving sunglasses to sport sunglasses. Oakley and Rayban sunglasses are top brand sunglasses that come with all the variations of lenses, frames, styles and functions. Oakley brand names that are available in the market are Crowbar, A Frame, Behave, Bottlecap, Breathless, Behave, Canteen, Crosshair, Oakley Dart, Disobey, Eternal, Eyepatch, Flak Jacket, Fives 3.

0, Gascan, Grapevine, Half Jacket, Hijinx, Juliet, M Frame, Minute, Monster Dog, Monster Pup, Oakley Ravishing, Radar, Script, Speechless, Spike and Straight Jacket.Oakley sport sunglasses generally cost from $105 (Half Jacket) to as high as $235 (Radar Range and Radar Pitch). Oakley women's sunglasses are priced from $90 (Montefrio) to $255 (Breathless, Radar Path, Enduring Edge etc.

). Rayban sunglasses are also popular for their rich ensemble of hundreds of sunglasses categorized for men, women, children in different functions like style, fashion, prescription eyewear, sports etc. Rayban sunglasses are usually known by their product code like RB3344, RB2143. Our sunglasses needs may vary significantly. Whether it is a Rayban or an Oakley, one should choose men or women's sunglasses basing on his/her personal needs.

Functionality of sunglasses like sport sunglasses or prescription sunglasses too should be weighed against the pure fashion needs. Retail prices of the sunglasses vary in different shops and regions. One should search for a bargain price only from authentic dealers/retailers of the brand of sunglasses that he is interested in.

Darrell Darrell is author of this article on sunglasses. Find more information about sunglasses here.

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