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Musicmatch Jukebox is just like having your favorite radio station playing all of your favorite music hour after hour. It is an excellent way to listen to your favorite artists anywhere. It is an incredible audio player that has the top media library with over nine hundred thousand songs in it. There is an online store where you can shop for your favorite music anytime of the day or night.

Whether you purchase your music by the track or by the album, you will receive only the music that you want. The Jukebox also offers Internet radio and CD ripping and burning software that has a playback feature. The Musicmatch Jukebox CD ripping and burning feature also allows you to burn a CD right from your play list. If you create a unique play list that you do not want to loose, using this feature will allow you to preserve your play list to listen to and enjoy at any time you choose. The Musicmatch Jukebox and the Musicmatch Jukebox plus offer an infinite number of music options that will keep music lover happy for hours on end. This is perfect gift for anyone who loves music.

As with any gadget, there are some drawbacks to this Jukebox. The newer version freezes when you try to purchase music from the library. The older model is much more functional for this task. The newer version also slows down when it is searching for a track to play.

The creators of this software are working hard to solve these problems, and the player itself is fabulous. Your needs are what determines which play you need. If all you want to do is to find and play digital music, than the basic model is perfect for you. It is also possible to use the on demand features and transfer music to MP3 players with the basic Musicmatch Jukebox. The added features to the plus version are that you can tag tracks and create custom labels and use cassettes to create MP3's.

If you have duplicate tracks, the plus version makes them easy to find. You will get the most out of your player when you use either one of these programs, making your own CD's out of your favorite music will be a breeze. Summary: Musicmatch Jukebox is one of the greatest inventions in recent history. It has everything you need to complete your ultimate play list that will amaze your friends. Whether you choose the basic model or the plus version, it is guaranteed that you will have hours and hours of listening enjoyment.

Brooke Hayles
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