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Beretta FS mm Vs Colt Handgun Comparison

It is pretty much a simple little survey of sorts. We currently have the M9 (Beretta 92FS 9mm) as the standard issue side arm for most military MOS's. I am just curious if there is anyone else out there that feels the 9mm is a piece of garbage and we should go back to the .

45? No studies were done, no one's opinion was asked, the change was simply done. No military member I have asked would take a 9mm over a .45. Many people I talked to owe their lives to the .45.

I've also heard that .45s are like gold over in Iraq, as soldiers there are trying to get their hands on one because the 92F doesn't do the job. If the police had .45s instead of 9mm in the Hollywood shootout, they would not have had to get rifles from a gun store. It might not have gone thru the armor but would have knocked them flat and let them close. You can hit target on the earlobe with a .

45cal and knock it flat. As I understand it we converted to 9mm in order to conform to NATO. In my opinion, it was a ridiculous compromise. The purpose of a side arm is to defend yourself in close quarters.

A 9mm will injure an adversary, but leave him active enough to possibly still do you harm. 45cal. on the other hand will disable the individual most entirely. Made by Colt the .45 is superior for flat out stopping power and NATO should have conformed to us.

The Beretta 92F was brought in because the US needed to maintain the bases in Italy. It was very simply a Quid Pro Quo. We have to remember that the weapons 'stopping power' depends on the shooter as well. You can put a .45 in a persons hand that cant shoot, and all the stopping power is still pretty worthless. There were failures of 9mm/40/45, and I have to say it really comes down the shooter.

Just ask the FBI about their tragic 1986 Miami shootout. On the linked chart note the weapons of agents Grogan and Dove, the two agents who lost their lives in the gun battle. The agents had to shoot the two suspects several times to bring them down--none of the FBI agents involved were armed with .45 caliber weapons.

Jerry Dove shot one of the bad guys as he climbed out the passenger's side car window. The round entered under his left arm and penetrated to his heart. He shot and killed Grogan and Dove, and wounded a third FBI agent after taking this hit.

It didn't even slow him down. The Miami office authorized their Agents to carry .45s, shortly after the shootout. There's no substitute for the old Colt 45, but if you happen to find a 9mm Luger and the extractor and the ejector don't break, well there's just something about the Luger that is magnificent! The only way a 9mm can stack up to the .45 in stopping power is if you're using Black Talon or Gold Dot hollow-point ammo. However I have heard these two brands of ammo are now restricted.

Actually, the Military has a Request for Proposals out, to adopt a new .45 pistol. All interested bidders must present their pistols for evaluation later this year.

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