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About A Muslim Wife Status And Rights

A Muslim wife is honored before Allah, and is one who is obedient to her husband and remains within the boundaries of her home. A thankful tongue, soft heart, is a Muslim wife, and with these qualities can nurture the future generations of mankind towards an Islamic society. The status of a Muslim wife is that they have half the rights of men and they are inferior to their husband. Considering the wife as a possession, instructing wife to veil themselves always outside their homes, are all part of the rules the women have to follow. In case of marriage, a Muslim wife can marry one person, can't give divorce on oral announcement.

A wife is punished by her husband, and in some countries beating or abstaining from sexual relations with her is allowed. Children are raised as the husband's, in case the Muslim wife is divorced she can't see her children again. In the Quran it is said that Muslim women gets fourth of her husband's wealth if the husband dies, and if there are no children. The rest are given to his parents, brothers, uncles etc.

If she has children she gets eighth of it and rest to the children. The Muslim wife can be successful in her marriage life if she follows a few tips. The wife can use beauty to win hearts of her husband, like wearing earrings and bracelets and wearing pretty dresses, wearing silk, using Kohl in their eyes to 'enlarge' them, and sing to her husband. When the husband comes home, she must keep the children, bedroom and home clean, prepare dinner, and be sweet smelling. She must thank the husband for nice things he does. She should end an argument by just a simple sorry.

The husband always seek Muslim women who are light-hearted and have a sense of humor, so the wife needs to make her husband laugh by playing games, telling jokes. She must listen and obey her husband and give respect to him. Muslim wives can keep their husbands happy by preservation of finances and the family, good housekeeping, support in obedience to Allah, Da'wah and Jihad, patience and emotional support, showing respect for his family and friends, guardianship while he is absent, pleasing him if he is angry, compliance to him, devotion and loyalty. She must have a beautiful reception after returning from work, school, travel, or whatever has separated her from the husband, must begin with good greetings, beautify and soften the voice. A Muslim wife is given more rights like garb of hijab, or a modest dress, independence, the right to educate herself and to participate in social activities, except the right to raise her voice against tyranny and cruelty.

It is said in the Quran that the wife has rights similar to those of husband over them in a just manner. The Muslim wife rights upon husband are being properly maintained by her husband, as he is responsible for providing his wife with food, clothes, residence, medical treatment, adornment and other expenditures needed by the wife. He also makes sure she is one in social status, on one hand, and falling within the husband's financial means. At the time of pregnancy, Muslim women get all the due attention and love. The wife should get the due respect as well as the necessary attention and other comforts at all times.

Muslim wife - She has the right to have to right to be an active part in the society, and is equal to the husband.

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